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PMPs Prior Learning Recognized for PRINCE2®

Project Management Good news for current PMP holders. From July 1st, 2014, your prior learning will be recognized by PRINCE2 and you will not have to take the PRINCE2 Foundation as a pre-requisite to taking the Practitioner test.

Why are PMPs getting recognition?

It’s pretty much accepted that PMP and PRINCE2 are complementary standards. But, around the world, there are areas where one approach is much better known than the other. One of those places is North America. In the US, PRINCE2 hardly ever appears in job ads and few organizations are demanding PRINCE2 qualifications. If this change helps get the attention of PMPs then it’s a good thing for everyone.

So, can PMPs take PRINCE2 Practitioner immediately?

Yes, but be warned…

As a PMP you are an experienced and skilled project manager. But nothing in the PMBOK prepares you to take a PRINCE2 exam. PRINCE2 is a methodology while the PMBOK is a framework. They are two tools for your skill set but, because they are complementary, they are different. You’ve got some learning to do before you are ready to take the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.
The PMP and PRINCE2 exams are based on different text books. The PMP uses the PMBOK, plus other elements of the project management profession. PRINCE2’s Practitioner uses only one text – the official manual examination; “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2.”

Where do PMPs start work to gain PRINCE2 certification?

The new rules mean you only need to take one test. But you still need two sets of knowledge – the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. This is because one builds on the other.

How PRINCE2 exams are structured?

PRINCE2 and all the best practice exams are tested at four different levels. They are based on the internationally accepted Bloom’s taxonomy of learning objectives:
• Level 1 – Memory – the ability to recall facts
• Level 2 – Comprehension – being able to describe or compare these facts
• Level 3 – Application – using knowledge to solve problems
• Level 4 – Analysis – breaking information down and being able to present evidence

Levels 1 & 2 get tested in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Once you’ve mastered these levels you can say you understand the PRINCE2 methodology. You know the names and terminology used in a PRINCE2 environment and can work confidently as part of a PRINCE2 project team.
Levels 3 & 4 are tested by the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. When you are successful at these levels it shows that you can apply PRINCE2 in different circumstances by making decisions that are appropriate to a given situation. You can “adopt and adapt” the methodology successfully.

So PMPs still require PRINCE2 Foundation knowledge?

Yes. Any Foundation is the basis of more advanced information. For PRINCE2, the Foundation is the underlying knowledge, while the Practitioner is the application of that knowledge. If you don’t have the Foundation level information you can’t apply it at the Practitioner level.
Imagine an English Literature exam question which asked you to “discuss Mark Antony’s attitude to Brutus during his funeral oration for Julius Caesar” To answer this question you need to know the text of the speech which begins “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears….” Knowledge of the text in this example is essential before you can go on to discuss higher level concepts which involves analysis and judgement.

How does this change really help PMPs?

You have one less exam to think about. While you still need to understand PRINCE2 at the Foundation level, you’re not going to be tested on it. You can reduce your costs and focus on the higher level qualification, which is the PRINCE2 Practitioner. You can study in class or online with a PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organization or by self study.

How do I claim prior learning recognition?

Before you take your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you must provide written evidence of your current PMP status. This can be your PMP certificate or the exam report from your test centre. Expired PMPs are not eligible for prior learning recognition.

Does PRINCE2 recognize other project management qualifications?

Yes, for PMI credentials, the CAPM is recognised along with the PMP. For the International Project Management Association recognition is given for Levels A – D. Where countries have IPMA affiliates these are also recognized. In the USA the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management Certified Project Management Associate is valid for prior learning. In the United Kingdom, the Association for Project Management APMP certificate is recognized.

This blog is written by Paul Atkin – Director, Advantage Learning Ltd, 


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