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The new Change Management certification – 3 months on

Special thanks to guest author Ranjit Sidhu, Director at ChangeQuest Ltd. Follower her on Twitter: @ranjit_sidhu


The updated change management certification was launched 3 months ago. I thought I’d share with you some reflections and observations, from running this course with five very different groups.

Based on the feedback, the two key things that seem to make this course so valuable are also what make it challenging, and help to really stretch people in building their confidence with this material. These key attributes are:

  • It covers a wide breadth of best practice change management theory and practices, based on what professional change managers need to know and do to bring about lasting change.
  • It offers a wide range of applicable tools, techniques and checklists without being prescriptive or setting out a pre-defined method for managing change.


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How secure is your castle?

There is a saying that an Englishman’s home is his castle. In essence, this is still relevant, regardless of gender or geography.

What has changed is the parameters of the castle; it’s no longer simply a matter of defending the physical boundary of a home or business, but securing against a threat that is potentially already inside the walls, via technology.

Just the threat of cyber-attack is enough to inhibit business growth; the reality has very tangible results. The motives behind cyber breaches vary hugely and include crime, incompetence, compliance/governance failure, political agitation and terrorism, of various kinds.  Regardless of the reasons, a breach to security systems will have a negative impact.

The Ponemon Institute’ s recently released report The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, puts the average cost of a data breach at $3.79 million, with the cost per stolen record being $154.  In addition to the financial impact, there is also reputational damage to the targeted organization.


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AMPG International Showcase, a Cyber Security review

Showcase masterclass

Masterclass with Andy Taylor & Andrew Fitzmaurice

Friday the 19th of June our flagship event, AMPG- International showcase, ran for its 13th consecutive year however this was the first time the event had a comprehensive cyber security programme. I spent the day following the cyber security crowd.

The first cyber security focused element on the agenda was  a joint masterclass with Andy Taylor, CEO of Aquila Business Services Ltd and Andrew Fitzmaurice and Chief Executive of Templar Executives. The masterclass focused on achieving positive change in your organization’s cyber security maturity.  Continued…

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ISO/IEC 20000 and human resources

74300;110067;178509;178556;180425;181038;181053No matter how much we try to automate, service management cannot work without people. ISO/IEC 20000-1 contains many references to ‘authorities and responsibilities’. It also has a specific sub-clause about human resources. This blog aims to clarify these requirements and answer some common questions about how to provide evidence of fulfillment of the requirements.

Authorities and responsibilities 

In ISO/IEC 20000-1, authorities and responsibilities are required in many clauses to be defined, maintained, and assigned. The service management plan needs to contain a ‘framework of authorities, responsibilities and process roles’.

Process roles will typically include process owners, process managers, and process practitioners. There may also be other roles in service management such as service owners, business relationship managers, supplier managers, management representatives etc.

Each of these roles needs to have defined responsibilities e.g. a process manager will typically have responsibility to for the effective operation of the process. In addition the authorities of the role need to be defined e.g. who can declare a major incident, who can invoke service continuity, who has the authority, perhaps at different levels, for approving changes, accountable for the process.

A common way of showing responsibilities and authorities is using a RACI matrix showing activities for a process with a matrix of roles responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.


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IT drives me bonkers

Mark Smalley rountable

Mark Smalley’s roundtable at APMG Showcase 2015

The quote is from a participant in one of my two sessions at the APMG Showcase in London in June 2015. These highly participative sessions were set up to help people improve the often troubled relationship between business and IT, and the quote illustrated this frustration. With a better relationship, both ‘parties’ will perceive that they are getting more value from IT and are working towards common goals for the organization.

The participants considered two perspectives: what kind of behavior business people would like to see from IT people, and what kind of behavior IT people would like to see from business people. It takes two to tango, so both parties should be equally proficient in their respective roles.

So what does the business want to see from IT?:

  • Don’t over-promise – it only leads to disappointment and worsens the relationship
  • Come off the fence and share your uncertainties – business people are realistic and realizes the complexities
  • Service ethos – all too often IT people don’t have a clue how to provide decent service
  • Early engagement – the earlier IT is involved in IT investments, the better they are able to contribute
  • Use the clues that the business gives you – make proposals that are related to current and future business issues


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Sharing Cyber Security best practice in Australia


Major General Stephen Day & Martin Huddleston at the Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference

UK based APMG-International shared their new Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®) with the Australasian market. Developed in conjunction with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and its technology transfer company Ploughshare Innovations Ltd, CDCAT® can help businesses to assess their own cyber defense preparedness, identify any gaps in defense capability that may exist and determine what mitigations can be applied. Continued…

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Welcome to our New Cyber Security Website



We’ve worked with organizations and UK Government bodies, including AXELOS, CESG and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, to create world-class cyber security certification schemes and products. So we thought we needed a new world-class website to showcase this growing portfolio, We hope you like it.


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UK’s most interactive event for organizational and professional improvement

APMG International is to host the UK Showcase 2015 on Friday, 19th June 2015. Now in its 13th year, the Showcase has proven itself to be a highly effective event for learning and sharing experiences in programme, project, cyber security, risk and IT service management.

APMG Showcase 2015Showcase 2015 will be the biggest and most comprehensive Showcase yet focusing on a wide range of products and using new technologies to improve your delegate experience on the day.

This is a one day free to attend event giving the attendees an opportunity to network, share success stories, learn from their experiences and make new contacts for the future. Showcase has always been a very open and friendly event, dedicated to bringing members of the community together.
On the day there will be 4 masterclass sessions, 5 keynotes, 21 exhibitors, 90+ round table sessions and over 400 delegates expected to attend from within the industry. This is an opportunity to:
Learn from industry experts, fellow managers and other organizations while you share your own experiences at this networking event.


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Infosecurity Keynote Review: Establishing an Enterprise-Wide Cybersecurity Culture

infosecurity APMG

Showcasing our new CDCAT cyber-security tool at infosecurity’s APMG stand

Like thousands of others in the industry I piled into the Olympia, London, for the infosecurity Europe conference this week. A highlight for me was the keynote speeches and one discussion in particular struck a chord – the focus of IT has shifted from technology, towards company culture.

The level of interest in the panel discussion, ‘Establishing an Enterprise-Wide Cybersecurity Culture’, was evidenced by the lengthy queue to get in. The moderator justly called it an esteemed panel, with the panellists including David Jones, Head of Information Security, for the BBC; Andrew  Rose, CISO and Head of Cyber Security for NATS and Lee  Barney, the Head of Information Security, for the Home Retail Group (which encompasses retail brands like Argos, Homebase and Habitat). Continued…

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CUPE Prepares for its next Professional Centre for the PRINCE2 Qualification


*This is a guest blog post written by one of our Accredited Training Organizations, CUPE – provider of many professional qualifications including PRINCE2® and Agile PM®. Special thanks to CUPE’s Sheila Roberts for her contribution.*

CUPE International has a PRINCE2 Professional date in the diary, June 3rd to 5th. It’s very exciting and as special offer we’re offering £200 off our standard price for this date!

This assessment centre demonstrates your ability to DO projects. More PRINCE2 Professional Centres have been organized and run by CUPE than any other organization, but it is still not common. So why is this exciting? It is because it is an excellent opportunity to test your ability to apply PRINCE2 knowledge and be different from others. Many thousands of people already have PRINCE2 Practitioner status, but not many are PRINCE2 Professionals. It demonstrates that you deliver, not simply that you know how to deliver it.


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