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ISO/IEC 20000 – How did Service Management Impact your Christmas?

Service concept

ISO/IEC 2000 and Christmas

Not many people will associate ISO20000 with Christmas but let us consider how much we rely on good service management over the Christmas period. If you did any of the following, you were reliant on service management:

  • on-line ordering of your Christmas food
  • click and collect ordering for your Christmas gifts
  • buying stamps and posting Christmas cards
  • setting up and using new technology gadgets on Christmas day
  • returning those unwanted or faulty gifts after Christmas.

All of the ISO20000 processes can be considered for usage in these activities. Just a few examples are:

  • information security of your credit card and personal details when buying on-line
  • availability and capacity management for the web sites and for the goods you are ordering
  • supplier management is often involved in getting your order to you
  • continuity management for those times when the new gadget cannot connect due to overload – remember the issue with new gadgets over Christmas?

We can go on and look at all of the activities sitting behind what we see and use – the back office. They are using all of the ISO20000 processes to ensure that the web sites are working, the warehouses are receiving the orders, the orders are dispatched to the relevant places, the cards are read in the sorting machines and delivered to the right houses, the gadgets can be connected and used, the returns process is working.


Our everyday lives are now reliant on service management. It has grown in importance as technology finds its way into more and more of our work, leisure and personal lives.

I was trying to think of what was not reliant on service management and I came up with the Christmas carol service – unless of course the vicar has prepared everything on his laptop to display in the church which I have seen during a nativity play!

And how much is Santa reliant on technology these days to keep up to date with all the houses he has to visit, the children’s names and requests. Surely an ideal task for technology – I wonder if he has considered ISO20000 certification!

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