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The Need for Skills in Business Change Management

CHAMPS2 LogoChange is increasingly becoming business as usual for the majority of organizations. It is therefore important for organizations to develop capability to deliver change of ever increasing pace and complexity.

Change requires people to perform multiple roles and acquire new knowledge and behaviours. Consultants can play a vital role, though over-reliance on consultants can bring into question whether they are effectively transferring knowledge and skills to support staff development.

Organizations that develop their own in-house change management capability are better able to motivate and engage people in change and are better placed to innovate, seize opportunities and adapt to new challenges. The CHAMPS2 business change method can help to create an organization capable of effectively managing holistic change of any scale and complexity, across organizational structure, business processes and technology.

Anyone can take advantage of the free on-line toolkit version of the CHAMPS2 business change method, available via

The website provides a range of case studies, events, the CHAMPS2 White Paper and information about formal qualifications, training courses, support services and the CHAMPS2 book “Realizing Transformational Change” which documents the entire method and can be used as a guide to study for CHAMPS2 examinations.

Alternatively, check out our website and find a training provider to get you started.

By Gill Terry, Business Change Manager at Birmingham City Council.

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  1. Kadiri Mehdi says

    I’m interested to use to follow the APMG training certification;
    I need therefore to have a concrete example of filled in Champs2 template with real case.

    Could you provide me such sample example?

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