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The Importance of Accreditation

PearceMayfieldWe asked Patrick Mayfield, Chairman of our accredited training organization Pearcemayfield, about the importance of accreditation with APMG.

What made you start Pearcemayfield?

It’s APM Group’s fault. Just  after I finished my involvement in the launch of PRINCE2® back in October 1996, Richard Pharro approached me and asked if I’d like to come on board and help set up the accreditation system with Colin Bentley. My role was as lead assessor through the ‘90s and I found myself visiting all these weird and wonderful training organizations and assessing trainers. I met some really great trainers and I began to dream – what if I could create an organization, someday, where I populated it entirely with great trainers using great materials? I couldn’t do that while I was an assessor, but when we formed the company in 1991 that’s what I set out to do. It’s been great fun.

Why is accreditation important?

Fundamentally, it’s an issue of evidencing, independently, business discipline. We serve a very exciting set of customers; we are in a very exciting market where the key issue, for example of the UK competing on a world stage, is the competence of its knowledge workers in a context of rapid change. We’re equipping our customers to do that. A lot of people are attracted to training as a profession but there are some very poor products out there. What I am pleased with is when I can say to customers or potential customers “We’re an APM Group accredited organization”, it means something. It means that our organization has been scrutinized and has come out as being a professional one. Our material has been assessed and it is adequate and complete and perhaps more than that, it meets certain learning objectives. The individual trainers are up to standard. Even I am still in the game and occasionally my colleagues allow the old man to do some training and I’m allowed to train in Change Management, MSP® and P3O®. So I have regular meetings with APM Group assessors and I always find those of value. Even if it’s a straight clean sheet, the assessors always give me back some value. They might say, ‘you might like to think about this’ or ‘that was good and have you thought about that’. Those to me are benefits of accreditation.

You can find out more about Pearcemayfield by clicking through to their website, and read more from Patrick on his Learning Leader blog.

You can find out more about APMG training accreditation here. Alternatively, if you’re looking to take an exam with one of our accredited organizations, you can browse the full directory of accredited training organizations here.

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