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CUPE Prepares for its next Professional Centre for the PRINCE2 Qualification


*This is a guest blog post written by one of our Accredited Training Organizations, CUPE – provider of many professional qualifications including PRINCE2® and Agile PM®. Special thanks to CUPE’s Sheila Roberts for her contribution.*

CUPE International has a PRINCE2 Professional date in the diary, June 3rd to 5th. It’s very exciting and as special offer we’re offering £200 off our standard price for this date!

This assessment centre demonstrates your ability to DO projects. More PRINCE2 Professional Centres have been organized and run by CUPE than any other organization, but it is still not common. So why is this exciting? It is because it is an excellent opportunity to test your ability to apply PRINCE2 knowledge and be different from others. Many thousands of people already have PRINCE2 Practitioner status, but not many are PRINCE2 Professionals. It demonstrates that you deliver, not simply that you know how to deliver it.

So how do we do this? Well, a case study is provided to work on in groups and then you are set challenges for which you need to deliver solutions. The challenges can be to develop a strategy for the project, address an issue or to manage a risk which arises. It is not all about knowing the book, but understanding how you really deliver projects.

There are small work groups with the interpersonal interactions counting towards the final score as well as the other areas of the 19 to be assessed. These 19 areas range from ideas through to closing a project. The practical approaches are the main focus and so you will need to understand how to plan by demonstrating putting together a plan with the tolerances, resources and budgets.

Having reviewed the Arras People PPM Salaries report, published last week, it is clear that the higher salaried people in PPM have a PRINCE2, APM or PMI qualification. It is also apparent that the higher level qualifications such as a Masters correlate with higher incomes, so having PRINCE2 Professional as a higher level qualification will provide this door to more opportunity.

The video of the first one (anywhere) which to run is available so you can see it in action. The participants speak more eloquently than I can! I not only participated in one of the pilots, but I am also an Evaluator – so I saw all the participants in the video.

Happily they were a good set of delegates which made my life easy! We’d love you to find out more about how PRINCE2 Professional can benefit you; feel free to fill out a contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1202 555 733!

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