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Why so many business projects fail to deliver and how Managing Benefits can make a difference

Huge amounts of time and resource go into delivering projects, but how often do businesses reach the end of a project and realize it hasn’t delivered exactly what they set out to achieve?


Businesses say many projects are failing to meet expectations

You might be surprised to know that 50% of respondents to a KPMG Survey of 100 businesses across a broad cross section of industries indicated that their project failed to consistently deliver what they set out to achieve.

It seems that traditional project management methods might not be as effective as they used to be. Could this failure be down to the fact that only half of all project managers hold a formal qualification? Or even that those with PM qualifications are somehow losing sight of desired outcomes along the way?

What action should be taken to ensure project success?

With Brexit on the horizon, now more than ever businesses are operating in a climate of economic uncertainty and change. This means project managers and change initiators need to ensure they are working smartly with their available resources.

It’s about making certain there’s a process in place which ensures projects deliver exactly what you want, even if desired outcomes change due to unforeseen issues along the way.

How can Managing Benefits help?

This is where Managing Benefits comes in. With specific training on how to maintain focus on the benefits of a project, the prospects of ensuring that a project’s deliverables add both value and a decent return on investment to a business are vastly improved. For existing project managers, a benefits management qualification can give you the edge in a competitive field.

Bristol Management Centre (BMC) is proud to be accredited to provide the classroom based APMG International Managing Benefits™ qualification, which sits neatly alongside qualifications such as PRINCE2®, APMP, MSP® & MoP®.


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