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Partnering with APMG to Deliver Added Value to your Consulting Customers

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The demand for IT consulting services across UK and Europe are on the rise according to a report by the MCA (Management Consulting Association) which represents over 60% of the UK consulting industry. It says the sector is growing at its fastest rate since 2007.

In this competitive and fast growing industry, being able to distinguish your practice and consultants is critical in order to acquire and retain business. APMG has been actively supporting the IT consulting industry via our Accredited Consulting Organization (ACO) scheme since 1993.

APMG’s ACO scheme objectively assesses consultants and accredits them against ISO standards, a clear demonstration to their customers of their commitment to providing a quality consulting service.

APMG Registered Consultants gain access to unique benchmarking tools and high level software that make a big difference to their clients, improves clients’ efficiency and leaves a lasting and positive impression of their consulting business.

Accreditation with APMG means:

  • Meeting the demands of global clients worldwide for rigorous and credible accreditation.
  • Access to unique consulting tools and methods as part of the accreditation scheme that has been developed and maintained by APMG.
  • Accreditation that is not only credible but internationally recognized.
  • Providing
    clients with consultants who can provide independent advice and deal with complex issues rather than specific expertise in the use of one or more methodologies.
  • A focus on providing a holistic consulting solution requiring tailoring of a range of best practise approaches.
  • Independent assurance – APMG Registered Consultants are reassessed every three years and have their annual surveillance report independently verified.

Being an APMG ACO will bring:

  •  Financial benefits – ACOs can justify consultants as being discipline specialists. These ACOs can respond to tenders only offered to organizations at a premium level, therefore further expanding opportunities to be involved in premium consulting services.
  •  Increased market attractiveness -Organizations that use accredited suppliers often reduce the risk and hence save time and money as they cut down on the time needed for due diligence. Also, as clients of accredited organizations and individuals, you can be confident that the products and services offered have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality service.
  •  Learning and growth – The APMG Registered Consulting scheme provides an ACO with a readymade professional development framework for the recruitment of new consultants as well as a framework for professional development into one or more of the three specialist consulting streams;
  1. APMG Portfolio, Programme and Project Registered Consultant ™
  2. APMG IT Governance and Service Management Registered Consultant ™
  3. APMG Organizational Change Management Registered Consultant ™
  •  Improved processes internally – The APMG ACO scheme provides ACOs with a tested process for assessing competence as a consultant. ACOs can use this tested process on an annual basis to independently assess the actual performance of their consultants.

Thus, partnering with APMG International and its ACO scheme can go a long way in adding value to your business and to your clients.  If you wish to find out more, we are hosting a webinar on 16 September 2014, at 14:00 BST especially targeted at organisations that could be keen to consider becoming an ACO with APMG International. Click to register.

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