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ITSM Zone and BRM Institute produce the first BRM salary survey

BRM survey

APMG Training Organization ITSM Zone and Business Relationship Management BRM Institute collaborate on world first 2015 annual BRM salary survey

The role of the business relationship manager (BRM) is becoming more and more crucial. As businesses look for new ways to get more value from service providers, many are recruiting business relationship managers to help them maximize return on investment.

The role of BRM can mean different things in different organisations. Up until now, there hasn’t much data to help identify where business relationship management is most popular – or how BRMs are compensated.

Step forward the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI). This organization is the world’s premier membership, professional development, and certification organization dedicated to serving the global business relationship management community. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in February 2013 and has been growing rapidly since.

Using data collected from the global BRM community, the BRMI has published the world first Annual BRM Salary Survey Report. Highlights of the report are the key demographics including the participating countries, industry affiliations, area and BRM compensation analysis.

The salary survey report is available exclusively to members of the BRM Institute here: or can be purchased by non-members here:

The salary survey was exclusively sponsored by APMG accredited training organisation ITSM Zone ( They are the world’s only provide of the BRM Professional Foundation course online, and their training courses include access to a team of mentors includes BRM experts like Andie Kis and Mark Edmead. (

Membership of the BRM Institute brings many benefits, such as access to the BRM Body of Knowledge and a community of international BRM experts.

Take your BRM training with ITSM Zone and you get 50% off your BRM Institute membership – giving you access to the salary survey.  A worthwhile investment!

You can view the training course details here:


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