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IAITAM Throws Down ITAM Gauntlet Over IRS Email Scandal

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IAITAM has passionately rallied against the IRS’ explanation of events around the alleged destruction of Lois Lerner’s hard drive and emails. IT Asset Management (ITAM) bridges the gap between technology and business. This is applicable across all types of business or government, large or small. This is why IAITAM has challenged the IRS with 6 questions regarding its inability to produce the hard disk drives in question from Congress. IAITAM’s simple position is: – you cannot manage what you don’t know you have.

IAITAM originally raised grave concerns about the plausibility of the IRS story about the Lerner hard drive in June 2014, and its cause has been gaining momentum ever since. On July 24 Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D.Litt, CEO of IAITAM – appeared as a guest on the Herman Cain show to explain IAITAM’s position: 

Ultimately a modern day organization cannot function without technology, so that technology needs to be managed effectively with documented processes in place. IAITAM believes organizations need to oversee their IT assets as just that; assets.

This is why IAITAM has made this challenge and continually strives to produce the best education and IT asset management training in the world. Partnering with APMG International and EY for accreditation and corporate certification – the ITAM profession has now earned a seat in the executive boardroom. IAITAM certified IT asset managers are answering that call and bringing IAITAM to the forefront of effective business management.

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