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AMPG International Showcase, a Cyber Security review

Showcase masterclass

Masterclass with Andy Taylor & Andrew Fitzmaurice

Friday the 19th of June our flagship event, AMPG- International showcase, ran for its 13th consecutive year however this was the first time the event had a comprehensive cyber security programme. I spent the day following the cyber security crowd.

The first cyber security focused element on the agenda was  a joint masterclass with Andy Taylor, CEO of Aquila Business Services Ltd and Andrew Fitzmaurice and Chief Executive of Templar Executives. The masterclass focused on achieving positive change in your organization’s cyber security maturity. 

A common theme throughout the day, that was first touched on in this masterclass was the rapidly changing world. Andy Taylor quoted the Gartner, Inc. forecast that 25 billion connected things will be in use by 2020, from laptops to fridges, and posed the question what type of changes will organizations need to make to cope in this reality? Though other statistics mentioned had me querying if we are already struggling to keep up with the rate of change, a worrying illustration being that it takes companies on average 243 days to discover an attack.

Andrew Fitzmaurice raised the importance of board buy in when tackling cyber security maturity and encouraged talking about benefits offered, not creating fear. Fitzmaurice proposed Financial Directors may be appropriate board champions.

Another key theme of the day, the human factor, was discussed in this masterclass and this was expanded on in one of several cyber security focused round tables, Cyber Security and the Insider Threat. This round table was run by Fitzmaurice’s colleague, Edward Wolton. The round table sessions allowed delegates to discuss hot topics with subject matter experts and learn from their experiences, though in this case with a Head of IT and Compliance, a Risk Facilitator, and trainer providers amongst those on our table, the participants were also a rich source of information.

Echoing Fitzmaurice, board buy in and highlighting the ‘so what’s in it for me’ factor was discussed and the need in general for staff to be more aware of the possible security consequences of their actions. One participant interestingly broached the topic of our changing culture – what information about organizations do people expect to be in the public domain. The line is moving.

The centrepiece of the cyber day was, of course, Geoff Eden’s, Deputy Technical Director of CESG keynote. Eden discussed that everything is getting smarter, quicker, posing new challenges and took his enthralled audience through the day in the life of a fictional man. This character noticed the technology that woke him up and his phone of course but not the technology behind his sewerage, his power, the tube, his work lift, the air conditioning.

Eden then raised the question on everyone’s minds, how can we control the risks associated with this technology? Positively Eden took a don’t beat yourself up, raise the game stance and hopefully AMPG and CESG cyber certifications and our assessment tool can contribute to doing just that. Looking forward to the 14th annual showcase I have no doubt after this year’s event there will be a growing cyber security presence.

To find out more about our cyber portfolio please visit our website or telephone: +44(0) 1494 452450.

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