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About Us

APMG International is an award-winning Examination Institute. APMG accredits professional training and consulting organizations and manages certification schemes for knowledge-based workers. APMG has a global reach, with regional offices located around the world.


APMG’s aim is to provide consistent quality and support to its training and consulting organizations, whether they are operating globally or as a specialist local provider. APMG International’s rigorous assessment process is recognized throughout the world. To ensure its independence and commitment to quality standards, APMG does not provide training itself.

APMG is proud to be accredited in the UK, India and China by UKAS for several of its AXELOS products and Change Management certifications. UKAS is the UK’s only National Accreditation Body. UKAS is renowned for its rigorous assessment procedures and APMG follows suit – applying the same rigor when accrediting an individual or an organization.

APMG ensures that organizations displaying APMG-accredited status are recognized for their commitment to providing high quality services.

Read more about APMG’s accreditation services here.


APMG has a wide portfolio of professional certifications including internationally recognized project management, general management and IT certifications based on international best practice standards.

APMG’s certification schemes are designed to enhance peoples’ knowledge and skillsets so that they are able to perform their roles to a professional standard. An organization can overcome challenges and facilitate growth by educating its workforce with APMG’s certification schemes.

Professional certification also provides the means for people to advance their careers or gain entry into a new profession through official recognition of best practice knowledge.

APMG also has a cyber security portfolio comprising innovative cyber security certification schemes and cutting-edge tools. APMG’s cyber security products are developed with UK Government bodies such as Dstl, GCHQ and CESG – as well as industry experts like AXELOS, Cloud Industry Forum, and ISACA.

Working closely with these partners ensures APMG’s cyber security products best prepare organizations for the myriad threats they face in cyberspace. Through certifying individuals, APMG’s cyber security certifications help organizations identify knowledgeable cyber security professionals so that they can be more confident in keeping their sensitive assets secure.

APMG Business Books

APMG Business Books is an online bookstore specializing in recommended reading for a wide range of professional certifications, with titles in over 10 languages and worldwide shipping options.

APMG Business Books also has a variety of free downloads – such as templates to support your project management activities and white papers written by renowned industry thought leaders. Visit the bookstore here.