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ISO/IEC 20000 – Roles and organizational structure

ISO/IEC 20000

During my work training or advising organizations on how to use ISO/IEC 20000, I often get asked about the roles required by the standard. This blog provides such a list with some helpful hints.

Remember that the standard does not dictate an organizational structure. This allows it to be applicable to any size or type of organization.

The term ‘role’ is used in the 2011 edition in conjunction with the term ‘authorities and responsibilities’. Sometimes there is a requirement to specify ‘authorities and responsibilities’ without the use of the term ‘role’. A role description and RACI matrix can be used to show responsibilities and authorities. The use of ‘authorities’ is new to the 2011 edition.

Defined roles or parts of the organization

There are various parts of an organization that are critical to understanding the context of the scope of the service management system. These are defined in clause 3 of ISO/IEC 20000-1 and are illustrated in this diagram - Clause-3-550px Clause 3 Continued…

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APMG International launches ‘Better Business Cases’ Certification


Join us for the official launch of our ‘Better Business Cases’ qualification in partnership with HM Treasury and the Welsh Government on Thursday 1 May 2014 at One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA. You can register to attend here by Friday 18 April - there are limited places left so hurry!

The launch will kick off with a welcome from Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG.

Richard says “Much is written about why projects fail but I would like to strike an optimistic and positive note about successful projects. I think a successful project could be summarized as delivering all the benefits presented in the business case. Many of you will view the business case as only financial and predominately focused on Return on Investment (RoI). The Five Case Model which is being launched on May 1st goes far beyond the financial dimension. The Five Case Model is a framework for “thinking” to help answer three basic questions of where are we now? , where to we want to be? and how are we going to get there?” Continued…

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APM Group is back at InfoSecurity Europe 2014 for the 3rd consecutive year

In an increasingly online and cloud based world, an organization’s ability to protect valuable information both in the public and private sector is essential. We have all seen the horror stories in the media of major organizations suffering at the hands of cyber criminals. This not only has significant financial implications but can permanently damage credibility.

So how confident are you in your own ability and the skill sets of the team who manage your vital information?

If there was a way to put your skills to the test, using relevant examples from your ‘real world’ working environment, would this be of interest to you? If so then APMG is here to help. Our team will be on hand at InfoSecurity 2014 to answer your questions and put your knowledge to the test with our sample assessment stations.

Please register for InfoSec 2014 and visit us at stand G100 from 29th April to 1st May 2014 to discuss our Information Assurance certification process.

In the meantime you can visit for more information about the process which includes a handy video on how the process works.


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We’ve been awarded the CESG Certified Training Contract

We are delighted to  announce we are working with CESG to deliver its new cyber security training certification scheme.  The CESG Certified Training (CCT) scheme is designed to assure high quality cyber security training courses delivered by training providers. APM Group has been appointed by CESG to assess the courses for content and delivery.  Training courses will be assessed under the CCT scheme against the relevant areas of the IISP Skills Framework.

The new CCT scheme complements the CESG Certified Professional (CCP) scheme. CCP is a measure of an individual’s competence to demonstrate sustained ability to apply skills, knowledge and expertise in real-world situations.  APM Group is currently one of three certification bodies offering the CCP scheme.  Both CCP and CCT share the IISP Framework as a common standard.

The new CCT scheme will help individuals and businesses identify which training courses are most relevant to their current role(s) as a part of a comprehensive learning pathway for the cyber security profession as a whole.

The CCT scheme will be launched in June 2014 and will be managed by APM Group.  It is expected that the first courses will be ‘CESG certified’ by late summer 2014.

For further information visit where the certified courses will be published.


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Powerful publication for the change management profession

A new era for change management is dawning with the publication of book which has a worldwide relevance and application.

The publication of a body of knowledge for change management (CMBoK) – entitled ‘The effective change manager’ (ISBN 9780992362409; price £57) – marks a new era for change management and for professional change managers. Continued…

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Generating debate on change management

A new publication is generating debate about what change managers need to know in order to be effective at doing what they’re supposed to do.

Commenting on the recently published change management body of knowledge (CMBoK) – entitled ‘The effective change manager’ (ISBN 9780992362409; price £57) – Melanie Franklin, Director of Agile Change Management, said: “Change Management is developing rapidly as a professional discipline. The publication of the CMBoK is generating wide debate about the scope of knowledge required by effective change managers and the depth of knowledge needed in various related disciplines. Continued…

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ISO/IEC 90006 – combining ISO 9001 and service management through ISO/IEC 20000-1


ISO/IEC 20000-1, Service Management System Requirements, was published in April 2011. Aligned to this, the new editions of part 2 and 3 were published in 2012 and part 5 in 2013. A new part 10, concepts and terminology, was published on November 1st 2013. See previous blogs on the updated parts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10.

Also published in late 2013 is a new standard ISO/IEC 90006 for the application of ISO 9001 to service management and its integration with ISO/IEC 20000-1.

What is ISO/IEC 90006? Continued…

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New guidance for Change Management published

The discipline of change management has become increasingly important as the pace of change – in both a work and society context – continues to gather pace. Change managers introduce or maintain change within their organizations and ensure it’s successful. This is a key argument for training people – especially managers – in the principles of change management and their practical application.

In addition to dealing with organizational change, change managers are now finding their profession undergoing significant change, with the publication of a body of knowledge for change management (CMBoK). The CMBoK is the product of work by the Australia-based Change Management Institute (CMI) and APMG. Continued…

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Prove your Cyber Security Credentials

As we gear up to the IA Practitioners’ Event in March and InfoSecurity in April, I thought it would be a good time to show you our film on our information assurance scheme. Our scheme is designed to give people working in information assurance the opportunity to prove their skills and knowledge. It’s not like our other certifications as there isn’t an exam to pass as such. Instead your existing qualifications, your job roles and the recommendations of your managers, along with interviews by our assessors, make up the credentialing. People who’ve gone through it find it really worthwhile and interesting as well. We’ll be at the events talking about the scheme, which we administer on behalf of CESG, so why not come and discuss whether you’ve got what it takes to make the grade.

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Application Management Cost Breakdown

Issue: Considering how much money is spent on Application Management – about a third of an enterprise’s total IT budget – it’s surprising how little information there seems to be about how they are  broken down.

Guidance: The rules of thumb in this publication help you gain a better understanding of your own costs, and insight into improvement opportunities Continued…

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